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Tips for Moving This Winter

Reduce the stresses of moving by being prepared.

Moving in Toronto during the winter presents its own unique set of challenges. If you're planning on changing addresses over the next few months, check out these tips for a smooth winter move. 


Check the weather

Check the weather report for the days leading up to your moving day, and be prepared to change the date if there is a snowstorm. If you can't change your date and are expecting a storm on your moving day, protect yourself and your belongings by ensuring you have a clear, salted path to your apartment. For added protection, consider hiring movers who have experience with winter moves.


Bundle up

You will be making several trips between your car and truck as you move into your new apartment. Be sure to bundle up with a coat, warm gloves and winter boots. Wearing a thermal or wool shirt under your coat is also a good idea, as these materials wick away moisture to keep you warm and dry. 


Bring a shovel ice salt

If you're moving into a building with numerous units, the shoveling and icing may already be done. However, if it is actively snowing, you may need to periodically clear away snow to ensure you have a clear path. Bring a shovel to clear snow if needed, and ice salt to prevent any injuries from happening.


Protect the floors

Snow means wet boots and messy floors. Protect the floors by laying down old blankets or towels. Unfolded cardboard boxes also work great to protect your floors and help prevent falls. If you don't have many blankets, towels or boxes to spare, work strategically by bringing in all of your stuff room by room, changing the protective path you've created each time you're working on a new room. 


Take care of fragile items

Things like glasses and dishes don't do well in the extreme cold, nor do electronics. Be sure to pack them properly to keep them warm and prevent them from breaking. Move these items out of your old home last and into your new home first to minimize any risk. 


Stay safe

During a pandemic, staying safe is key. This shouldn't change on moving day, especially if you are getting help with your move. If you hire movers, or have friends or family helping, be sure to keep your mask on to keep everyone safe. You may even want to buy a box of disposable masks to ensure everyone has a fresh, clean mask on moving day and a few to spare.