Our Company

There was a time when a handshake was the personal seal that finalized any contract. Back then, strong business relationships lasted a lifetime, and a leading company's commitment to quality and customer service always trumped bottom-line concerns. Such old-fashioned values seem almost quaint in our fast-paced, profit-driven world. But are they really?

We believe the ideals, values, and moral underpinnings of our parents' approach to business are as relevant today as ever. At least they are across our organization. That's because Signet Group has been driven by a strong, stable business philosophy since being founded in 1991: We treat our clients' properties as we would our own. That means we proactively tend to issues, never cut corners, and always focus on nurturing thriving communities across the properties we manage, thus elevating their value and appeal - not to mention the neighbourhoods they occupy.

Along the way, we've learned that virtually every property management firm makes the same claim of understanding expectations of property owners and their tenants. But do they really? The truth is that few go out of their way to assess and address the individual needs of key stakeholders such as investors and owners, not to mention the people or businesses that occupy their properties.

As a result, most firms make inaccurate assumptions that lead to high occupant turnover, leaving clients unsatisfied and seeking new representation. This process is costly, time-consuming, and entirely avoidable, if firms would bother to balance the need for portfolio performance with high quality service and treat their clients as business partners instead of numbers.

For more than 30 years, we've been doing exactly that: catering to individual needs on both sides of the property management spectrum, while carefully balancing tenant satisfaction and investment returns. That's because we're not only property managers, we're also property owners. We know what it takes to properly manage and maximize the value of real estate assets, yet we prefer a more personalized approach. Our goal is to build lasting client relationships that are holistic and fluid, taking into account our clients' business goals and the oft-complex family dynamics that influence the management of a property portfolio.

This sense of humanity, integrity, and dignity reflects not only in the way we treat our clients, but also in the way we manage properties and serve tenants. And that's the key! We understand that by nurturing thriving communities where people can proudly call home, we attract and retain high-quality tenants, which in turn helps clients optimize and grow the value of their property portfolio. Combined with our focus on proactive maintenance, industry-leading systems and active tenant relations, it's no wonder that Signet-managed properties regularly outperform market benchmarks.

With that in mind, we have two words for property owners: No Vacancy. Our properties typically run at peak occupancy, posting below-average tenant turnover and earning above-market rents.

Long story short, a Signet-managed property delivers exactly what owners and tenants want - the peace of mind that comes with strong, stable management.