Portfolio Administration

Let's take your property portfolio to the next level.

At Signet Group, we've built a reputation not only for being one of the GTA's leading residential and commercial property management firms, but also for serving as a trusted advisor to our clients.

That means providing proactive, strategic advice to help maximize the value of your property assets. As part of that process, we regularly highlight potential purchase and sale opportunities for property owners, then manage those transactions with the help of our extensive network of legal and accounting partners.

We also help families manage property portfolios, particularly as they pass from one generation to the next. Succession planning and management is a particular challenge for families - especially large ones - with extensive asset bases. Our property management and portfolio administration services are designed to eliminate stress and worry from the succession process while maximizing the value of your real estate portfolio.

In other words, we handle the day-to-day management minutiae so you don't have to. This approach allows you, your family or other key stakeholders to focus on other important business initiatives, or simply reap the rewards that come with owning a profitable property portfolio.