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10 Budget-friendly Decor Tips to Brighten Your Space

Posted September 6, 2023 | by Signet Group

Whether you're moving into a new apartment, or your current rental is feeling a little dark heading into the winter season, we have decor tips that will help you brighten up your space, even on a small budget! 

1. Make an Oversized Mirror

Mirrors can help make a space feel bigger and brighter, but they can also be expensive. Instead of splurging on a gigantic one, buy smaller mirrors or mirror sheets and combine them to create the effect of having a larger mirror.

2. Get Cozy with New Curtains

Finding the perfect curtains for your space can be hard and sometimes costly. While more time-consuming, many options for inexpensive materials are available at your local fabric stores: create your own! Aim for sheer fabrics in rooms that you want to fill with natural light, while still securing some privacy. Then, challenge yourself to see if you can make your own curtains.

3. Put Your Green Thumb To The Test

Indoor plants can add pops of colour that capture attention and make your space feel bright and airy. If you’re interested in becoming a plant parent, check your local garden stores for easy-to-maintain plants like snake plants, spider plants or cacti. If you really want to test your green-thumb skills, try plant propagation! This zero-cost method allows you to replant pieces from your friends' plants and grow your own version at home. 

4. Fill Up Your Walls With Art

There are many ways to cover your bare walls on a budget. Check local thrift shops and markets for frames, then print your own pictures to fit the frames you find, and build a gallery wall. You can also DIY some art through painting, drawing, washi tape and so much more. Let your art help to brighten the room as you add in your creative flair.

5. Throw Some Blankets In The Space

Everyone loves a good blanket, and throwing a new one over your couch or stacking some in baskets is a great way to add a bright pop to a dull room. For those who want to add colour on a really tight budget, try creating your own blanket out of old t-shirts

6. Create Structure with Rugs

Rugs ground a space and make it feel cozier and more inviting. To produce this effect on a budget, try layering small- and medium-sized rugs for a unique look. This will make the room look more expensive while reducing noise and adding colour. You can also use smaller rugs to create designated zones in a large space. Keep an eye out for stripes and/or light-coloured rugs – they help make the space feel bigger.

7. Light Up A Space With Candles

A low-cost way to brighten up a space – literally – is with candles. While their pleasant smell can make a room appear inviting and lavish, how they are displayed can also impact ambiance.​​​​​​​ Candle holders can be an inexpensive way to display either your favourite scents or some dollar store tea lights. You can also buy aesthetic candles that smell good at a reasonable price.

8. Spruce Up Your Pillows

Throw pillows and cushions can make a room feel more comfortable, and are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten a room without much effort. Instead of tossing out your old cushions, look for new cushion covers in brighter colours and swap them onto your existing cushion set. 

9. Brighten a Room With Reflective Decor

If mirrors aren’t enough for you, many other products can be used to add light to your space. These include trays, glass decor and crystals of any size. When placed correctly, these pieces can reflect light into the room, illuminating dark corners and crevices.​​​​​​​ Window reflective prisms also bring coloured light into a space, changing the overall atmosphere.

10. Repurpose Old Household Items for Decor

Let’s be honest, we all have those things that we aren’t using but can’t seem to part with. So let’s find a way to use them to decorate! Old jars, bowls, books and such can be upcycled and used for decor. For example, take that old mason jar, stain it and turn it into a vase. You can also take old books, paint them using your bright accent colours and turn them into a stackable piece.

With these tips, we hope that you will be able to create a welcoming space that is cost-effective and elegant. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your newly decorated home.

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