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3 Resources to Get You Started with Yoga

Posted August 20, 2021 | by Signet Group Inc.

When you’re new to yoga or just starting to embrace it, it can be challenging.

Practicing amongst others can often be daunting and may leave you feeling intimidated. Many resources are available to get you started, and with so many people working remotely, an in-home session may be your best option. Here are 3 resources to get you started with yoga.

Yoga Apps

Nowadays, so many apps can be downloaded right to your phone to help you get started with yoga. They can be free, like Down Dog, or paid apps like Glo. Yoga apps give you the option to choose the teacher and the level and length of the class. This means that you can do a twenty-minute beginner class or a sixty-minute advanced flow class, or anything in between. These yoga classes can be done when and where you want, be it in your office, a park or your apartment.

Yoga Videos

Rather than doing yoga with an app, you can do it through videos. The internet is full of yoga videos that allow you to simply click and follow along. These are completely free, and, like yoga apps, can be done anywhere and anytime. One of the best places to look is YouTube. Here, you will find thousands of videos to help you get started. Popular yoga YouTube channels include Yoga With Adrienne and Heart Alchemy Yoga.

Yoga Publications

Such publications include anything from blogs to magazines. Yoga publications are great resources containing a plethora of information. You can read about everything from meditation to philosophy, and even go through pose libraries to find ones that work for you and your level. One of the most popular yoga publications is Yoga JournalMind Body Green is also great and focuses not just on yoga, but on wellness as a whole.

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