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Stay Active This Winter

Posted November 6, 2023

As winter weather arrives, it's easy to feel like you want to hibernate in your home until spring. However, it’s important to fight the winter blues and keep your body moving. Don’t let the cold hold you back from your fitness goals. So, bundle up while we find the perfect winter workout for you.

There are many winter activity options for people of all ages, sizes and physical abilities. If you love being outside and engaging with sports, try things like ice skating, snowboarding, skiing or even snowshoeing. For an additional challenge, look for winter events like the Polar Plunge, or races in your area. For a less intense pastime, lace up your boots and head out for a hike or walk. If snow and wind sound uninviting to you, many facilities offer indoor activities to keep your body moving. These include gyms with different machines, swimming centres, rock climbing walls and trampoline parks. You can also bring the gym to your home, even if you don't have a lot of workout space. Yoga, weightlifting and dancing can cover stretching, strength training and cardio, and are all inexpensive to set up and take up very little space in your apartment.

For our Toronto residents, we are happy to say that many of these activities can be found in your backyard. Put your blades on the ice by visiting Nathan Phillips Square or The Bentway skate trail. Earl Bales Park is a great place to take skiing and snowboarding lessons. If you’re looking to get outside but not on the slopes, many beautiful parks offer walking trails during the winter season, such as High Park or Tommy Thompson Park. If the cold is not for you, check out your local centres for indoor activities that pique your interest. Alternatively, you can always stop by the Eaton Centre or St. Lawrence Market for a nice stroll, and a little shopping! 

As you set out on your active journey this winter, make sure to keep these things in mind:

  • Set realistic goals and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t achieve them.
  • Pick a schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s early in the morning, the dead of night or even during your lunch break at work, it is crucial that you that you get exercise in your routine. If weather impacts your plans, pick an alternative activity or move your workout to another day.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and gear for the weather and temperature. Invest a bit more money into these pieces as they will be beneficial in the long run.
  • Mix it up! If you’re tired of doing the same thing, there are plenty of other options out there to keep you engaged. Try to incorporate cardio, strength training and flexibility workouts into your routine if possible.
  • Work out with a friend. Whether they are a fellow human or your animal companion, staying active is easier when there are others to motivate you.

With these tips and the right mindset, you can seize every day in this winter wonderland by adding some active fun.

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