5 Great Things About Living in the Toronto Beaches

Posted June 26, 2018 | by Signet Group

Bringing a small-town vibe to the big city, The Beaches is a serious hot spot for renters.

It's a vibrant, yet quiet neighbourhood - home to indie shops, cozy eateries, and trendy bars. It hosts numerous summer festivals, has a large park, and four sandy beaches. Anyone who lives in our Queen Street East property will tell you that living in this neighbourhood is nothing short of great.

Here are 5 reasons why:


The Lifestyle

Although the area vibe is considered very laid back, Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood is fantastic for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. A boardwalk spans the entire beach, offering great walking or jogging paths. If you would rather cycle, skateboard, or in-line skate, you'll love the Martin Goodman Trail. Or take advantage of the beach real estate itself, where you can play beach volleyball, go paddle-boarding, or take a dip in the lake.


The Park

Living in the Toronto Beaches means that you can go to Kew Gardens every single day! The large park stretches from Queen Street East all the way to Kew Beach and features tennis courts, a baseball diamond, picnic areas, and a wading pool. It even has a fenced-in dog park for your furry friend's play-time needs. In the winter, Kew Gardens opens up into a skating rink!


The Amenities

Queen Street East is home to over 300 shops, bars, and restaurants, most of which are independently owned. There are brunch spots, fine bistros, and craft beer bars, as well as funky clothing shops, stationary stores and one-of-a-kind jewellery stores. You'll even find dance studios, yoga studios, and small gyms. Basically, everything you would ever need is right at your doorstep.


The Commute

If you do need to leave the Beaches, you're just a streetcar ride away from downtown Toronto. The Queen streetcar runs 24 hours a day making transportation in and out of the city core no problem for Beaches residents. A streetcar stop is located right across the street from our Queen Street East building, making the commute for residents even easier. The same stop also connects residents by bus to Main Station for quicker travel throughout the GTA.


The Festivals

The Toronto Beaches plays host to numerous festivals, with the most famous being the Beaches International Jazz Festival. Other festivals right at your doorstep include the Beaches Arts and Craft Show, Afrofest, the Toronto Food Truck Festival, and the Toronto International BuskerFest for Epilepsy.


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