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Clothing Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Live in a small place with little storage space? Have too many clothes to fit in your apartment closet? No problem. There are some creative ways to store your clothes if you live in a small space. Here are some clothing storage tips for small spaces.

Get a wardrobe

Purchase a wardrobe or cabinet and you can use it to create a bedroom (if you live in a bachelor apartment). A wardrobe can be placed anywhere and can be used as a second closet. A freestanding organizer can function as both clothing storage and a partial wall, making it multi-functional. Ikea has a great selection of both, and for a great price.

Use floating shelves

If floor space is an issue, try using the wall. Install floating shelves and use them to store folded clothes. You can even purchase baskets to keep things like socks and underwear on these shelves and out of sight. Get creative by using shelves of different lengths and placing them at various heights along the wall, or hang box shelves at random.

Garment racks

These handy storage devices can be wall-mounted or freestanding. In fact, wall-mounted racks can be used with floating shelves to turn an entire wall into an open closet. Don’t want to make it open? Hang drapes in front to create closet doors and keep it all hidden away. You can really get creative, while also having a place to store your clothes.

Use your bed…

…or the space under it. There are so many ways to create clothing storage under the bed. In fact, there are storage boxes specifically designed to go under the bed. They come in plastic, fabric, wood and even rattan. They often have wheels and/or handles, making them easy to slide out and back under the bed. You can also buy a bed frame with built-in storage.