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Cool Gadgets to Transform Your Apartment into a High-Tech Smart Home

Living in an apartment shouldn't mean that you have to deprive yourself of things you may find in a brand-new condo. These cool gadgets will transform your apartment into a high-tech smart home.


Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini is the perfect gadget to start your smart home, even if you're living in a small space. Search the web, play music with rich sound, ask a question that's been on your mind or give a loved one a call by saying, "Hey Google," followed by saying what you want it to do. Wake up to your favourite song in the morning, get directions to a restaurant or connect it with other smart devices like a smart plug to control appliances, lights or anything else you plug into it, all with simple voice commands. It's more than just a speaker, it's a gateway to unlocking the power of Google Home. Start your smart home with the Nest Mini for only $69!


Countertop Dishwasher

Most apartments don't come with a built-in dishwasher, but that doesn't mean that you can't have one. A countertop dishwasher takes this chore off your list, with many of them taking up only as much counter space as a microwave. When you have a full load, all you have to do is attach it to the kitchen faucet with the faucet adapter and hose, and make sure that the drain hose goes into the sink—it's that easy! They typically range between $300-400, and can be found at most large appliance stores. 


Robotic Vacuum

Keep your floors clean without having to lift a broom. A robotic vacuum will clean your floors no matter what type of floor you have, with some being specifically designed to pick up pet hair. There are a few types of robotic vacuums, including some that will connect to your smart phone via an app, so you can program when and where they clean in your home. Other models have self-cleaning charging stations that remove all the manual work from cleaning your floors. Robotic vacuums come in different price ranges, so you don't have to dip into your savings to own this cool gadget.


Smart Plugs/Smart Switches

You can now turn any device in your home into a smart device by using a smart plug. Smart plugs and switches connect to your home Wi-Fi network and allow you to turn any appliance or light on and off remotely. Some smart plugs will allow you to program how much power you are using and allow you to track power usage. Smart switches let you control your lights and ceiling fans from your smart phone, allowing you to program light output, set light timers and sync your lights to sunrise/sunset. These handy gadgets are very affordable, typically ranging between $25-100 depending on what features you're looking for.


Pick up any of these gadgets and you'll be on your way to having your own high-tech smart home haven.