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Keeping Your Apartment Warm During the Winter

Winter is here, and with it comes the cold weather. This also means that apartments are getting chilly, which is especially true if you live in a heat-controlled environment. You can still keep your apartment warm this winter with these tips.


Change the curtains

Curtains are not usually items that are considered when it comes to keeping an apartment warm. However, they should not be overlooked. It's very easy to swap those summer curtains for thermal insulated curtains that are designed to help retain heat. Plus, they make for a nice change in decor, so you can change up your curtains in different seasons to give your apartment a completely new look.


Insulate the windows

Draft is often one of the things that can cause your apartment to feel cold on a winter day. An easy remedy is to insulate the windows. As a renter, you won't be able to do anything major, but there are things that can be done to keep out the draft. You can cover your windows with window films that are made for this very reason, or opt for a more budget-friendly option like lining them with bubble wrap.


Hang tapestries

If one of the walls in your apartment is an exterior wall, then a great way to keep your apartment warm is by hanging a tapestry on that wall. This will act as insulation, helping to keep the room toasty throughout the winter months. The thicker the better, so look for tapestries that are woven. Or, if you're crafty, try making one yourself.


Warm the floors

Many apartments have parquet or linoleum floors, both of which can get cold in the winter. This can be rectified by using rugs to warm them. By doing this, you won't have to step out of bed onto a cold floor, relax on the sofa with cold feet or cook up your favourite meal while standing on cold kitchen tiles. Put an area rug in the living room, one next to the bed and one in the kitchen. Don't forget about the bathroom - nobody likes stepping out of a hot shower onto a cold floor!