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Setting Up the Perfect Home Workspace

For many of us, working from home has become the temporary new-normal over the past few months.

For most, this is probably the first time that a full home office has been necessary. If you're looking at improving your work-from-home space, here are a few tips to consider.


Pick the right spot

Your work-from-home space should be situated somewhere you can ensure you'll be productive. Think about things in your line of sight and whether or not there will be distractions, like the TV or a window. Make sure the area you choose has sufficient lighting, so you're not straining your eyes. Consider setting up your office as a dedicated room, which is easy to do if you live in a two or three bedroom apartment. As an alternative, if your bedroom is large enough, corner off an area to use as your home office space.


Make it ergonomic

A workspace that doesn't follow ergonomic standards can have negative long-term impacts on your health. Don't worry, there are ways to make your workspace more ergonomic without breaking the bank! The most important thing is a proper desk and chair. If you can't bring your office chair home, be sure to find a flat surface and a chair that lets you work without being hunched over. Consider buying a chair back support or a laptop table or stand to help. Set reminders to regularly check your posture, and remember to get up and move around throughout the day.


Decorate it

Even if working from home is a temporary measure, you should still add a few personal touches to your workspace. This will make the area more pleasant to work in, and could help you separate your home life from work life. Get a houseplant for your workspace, hang your favourite piece of art, or put up a few family photos. If your work surface is small, put up some floating shelves and decorate them with a few personal items. You can also create a sense of calmness by adding an aromatherapy diffuser.


Working from home poses a new set of challenges; but by using these tips, you can improve your workspace and keep up your productivity!