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Spring Refresh & At Home Spa Basics

Spring is all about renewal and growth, making it the perfect season for refreshing yourself. A great way to do this is by turning your home into an intimate spa. Here are a few at home spa basics for a spring refresh. 

Use scents

When you go to a spa, it’s a relaxing setting with scents that immediately make you feel calm and relaxed. You can change the entire mood of your apartment with things like scented candles and diffusers. Opt for scents that are known to have calming properties like ylang-ylang or lavender.  

Play background music

Whenever you feel like relaxing and having a spa moment, play some calming background music to help set the mood. This could be any type of music that makes you feel refreshed. It can be anything from the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls to your favourite mix of top 40 hits.

Set up a bath

Having a bath is a great way to mimic the feeling of being in a spa. They help with ending the day and clearing your mind. Have things on hand to prepare yourself for the perfect spa-like bath, like flower petals, bath bombs, bath salts or essential oils.

Don’t forget your face

Whether it’s a face mask or a facial steam, pampering your face is a must for a spring refresh and very easy to do at home. You can make your own using things like honey, banana and lemon juice, or purchase one that’s ready to go. Putting cold cucumber on your eyes is a classic way to reduce puffiness and make you feel refreshed.