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5 Ways to Stay in Shape While Social Distancing

With COVID-19 having closed all gyms, yoga studios and recreation centres around the city, staying in shape has become a challenge.

With most people now working from their homes and apartments, it's even more important to get up, stretch your legs and move your body. Regardless of your fitness level, or what type of exercise you did before social distancing, there's a way for you to stay active.

Here are five ways to stay in shape while social distancing.


Use Resistance Bands

These handy, inexpensive bands are a perfect way to amp up your routine without a gym. Not only can you use them for a full-body workout, but they take up almost no space, and they cost less than $25 on Amazon! Many companies provide a workout sheet with the bands to demonstrate different exercises that can be done for different muscles of the body. You can also find some great exercises online.


Virtual Yoga Classes

You don't have to be a yoga studio member to find great yoga classes online; many teachers offer classes right from their living rooms to yours. Some offer classes for free, while others work on a pay-as-you-go plan. If you went to yoga classes locally prior to the pandemic, check in with your studio - many teachers are offering their classes online to keep the business going during COVID-19.


Take the Stairs


Instead of taking the elevator in your apartment building, take the stairs. You can even just go up and down the stairs continuously for a great cardio workout, or use the stairs for step-ups. Just be mindful of foot-traffic in the building and leave enough space between yourself and other residents using the stairs. 


Eat Healthy

Keeping your body active and moving is an important step for staying in shape, but the rest of the work is done in the kitchen! Whether shopping in stores or ordering your groceries online, look for healthy food options with longer shelf lives so you can minimize your need to shop while maximizing your access to healthy meals and snacks. 


Practice Mindfulness

Exercising can help to relieve stress, but going into your workout with a relaxed mind can help improve your workout, too! Meditation helps to make you feel more energetic going into your workout, which in turn increases its effectiveness and makes you more willing to stick to a routine. 


There are lots of great ways to stay in shape from your apartment while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Try these out to maintain and even improve your fitness during COVID-19.