Summer Vacation Prep: What to Remember Before You Go

Posted June 20, 2022 | by Signet Group Inc.

Summer is here, and as the weather gets nicer it’s time to get excited about summer vacation plans. But before you pack your bags and hit the road, there are a few things to remember before you go. Here are some things to do to prepare for your summer vacation.

Contact your insurance company

Renters insurance is important to have, and is especially good when going on vacation. Let your insurance company know that you will be away and that your apartment will be vacant. This way, if anything happens while you are on vacation, you are sure to be covered.

Have someone check on your place

If you are going away for more than a few days, be sure to have someone check on your apartment while you are gone. Things like package deliveries, mail and/or flyers could be piling up, indicating to others that the place is vacant. If you have plants, the person can also tend to them.

Eat, throw away or give away food

The last thing anyone wants is to return home from a summer vacation to a smelly fridge. Eat, toss or give away any food that could go bad while you are gone. You should also be sure to do the dishes, and take out the garbage and compost.

Tell your landlord

If your summer vacation is more than just a few days long, it’s a good idea to inform your landlord that you will be away. This way, they are aware that your apartment will be vacant and someone may be coming to check on it. As well, if there is a problem and your landlord needs emergency access, they know ahead of time that you will not be home.

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