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Tips to Declutter Your Apartment

Despite our best intentions, it's very easy to accumulate things and then not have the space to store them.

Maybe it's time to clean up a bit of the clutter around your apartment. But where do you start?

Having the mindset to organize all of your beloved belongings is the first step. Next, follow these tips to pack away the clutter. 


Show off what you've got

This is one of the best ways to declutter your apartment, and it can be done in every single room. Use bookcases, hooks and floating shelves to organize your stuff without hiding it away. Not only does this help tidy up your apartment, but it can also be done in a creative way that establishes a focal point in any room. 


Get rid of old stuff

How many times have you had to convince yourself that you will wear that sweater again... someday? A good rule of thumb to observe is the one-year mark. Basically, if you haven't worn it or used it in one year, get rid of it. This will keep your closets tidy and allow room for any new clothes and items that you may purchase. Keep track of this in your closet by turning all of your hangers backwards. Every time you wear an item, turn its hanger to the front. Anything left on a backwards hanger after one year has to go! Donate gently used clothes, as well as dishes, books, furniture or anything else you no longer have use for, to give back while minimizing your belongings. 


Choose a spot for paper

Between product manuals and warranties, mail and other letters or cards we don't want to throw out, it's easy to accumulate a paper trail on a counter or tabletop in your apartment. Putting this pile out of sight goes a long way towards making your space visibly less cluttered! Designate a spot in your apartment for all incoming paper. This could be a desk drawer, kitchen drawer or decorative paper tray. Get extra creative and find an old wooden box, a funky-looking lidded storage container or even a basket that can become part of your home's decor while also helping to declutter.


Have a junk drawer

It's easy for drawers to become cluttered and accumulate too much stuff. Choose one drawer (or two if you have a lot of stuff) to be used as a junk drawer to store things like batteries, elastic bands, sewing supplies, business cards, spare keys and anything else that needs to be stored away. Purchase junk drawer organizers to keep your things even more contained and organized, allowing you to find what you need when you need it.