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Expecting? Tips to Prepare Your Apartment for a Baby

If you're expecting your first child, you may be wondering how to baby-proof your apartment.

Here are a few tips to prepare your apartment for the newest addition to your family.


Make space for a nursery

If you live in a two- or three-bedroom apartment, then you already have a room that you can convert into a nursery. If you don't, you can still create a nursery within your existing space. This might be a corner of your bedroom or a nook in the living room. Wherever you choose to set up, you'll need at least enough space for a crib and a nursing chair. Other nursery essentials are all about convenience and comfort for you and your baby.


Do a safety check

Many of your baby-proofing efforts should be focused on ensuring that your apartment is safe for a baby to move around in, particularly when it's time for your child to start crawling and walking. Make sure that any cleaning supplies, harmful substances or small items are safely stored away. If you have lower-level cupboards, use magnet locks. They are easy to install and will prevent little fingers from getting in. You will also want to cover all of the electrical outlets


Do a deep clean

Deep cleaning your apartment before bringing your newborn home can help prevent your baby from coming into contact with germs. Focus on items in your home that are often touched but rarely cleaned, such as doorknobs, light switches, fridge handles and faucet handles. You should also keep a supply of sanitizing wipes handy so that you can keep everything clean on a regular basis.


Think small

If you live in a smaller apartment where space and storage are limited, then think small. Buy smaller items that take up little space and are easy to store. Instead of a full changing table, purchase diaper changing pads that can be set up on your bed or couch. Look for strollers and other frequently used items that can be folded up and tucked away in your car trunk or closet when not in use.